Emergency Fibre repair of Optical Cable – A13 Trunk road

The A13 highway running across South Essex into London has a fibre ring that runs the length from Averley into the City of London.

This length of fibre cable is used to connect cameras monitoring traffic along the highway and was damaged by a utilities provider. The fibre cable had to be replaced urgently and cameras re-connected.

Fibre Repair by Fusion Spliced

A new 16 core 9/125 single-mode fibre was pulled along the side of the A13 into existing ducting. The old cable was cut and removed and the new cable re-terminated into an existing cabinet wall box and an existing roadside cabinet patch panel, all cores were fusion spliced through and at the other end onto new fc/pc pigtails.

On completion the fibre repair was OTDR tested and the cameras re-connected.

External Fibre repair in Any Weather

You may notice in some of our images, we use a tent to protect equipment and cable from the elements while we terminate. If you need your fibre optic cable repaired fast, we can come out whatever the weather.

Pulsant – Fibre Optic Cable repair

Project Skills Solutions were recently contacted due to the client having a damaged fibre optic cable that is a critical communications link. Fortunately the clients network infrastructure had built in resilience so although this fibre cable was critical it had no immediate effect on the communication capability. We are fully equipped to attend site on such emergencies to fault find and carryout temporary or permanent repairs to all modes of fibre optic cables. Our response capability allows us to get to site within hours of a call and set up in all weather conditions.

Damaged Fibre Optic Cable

The client was able to send over pictures of the damaged fibre optic cable that occurred during some non-associated street works (see images). This allowed us to evaluate the materials required and advise the client of any works that would be required in advance of our attendance to allow works to commence once we arrived at site. In this case the road had to be excavated to allow two Pedcaps (fibre Joint enclosures) to be installed in the road to form a new link.

Emergency Fibre Optic Repairs

Our vans are equipped with the latest equipment to repair fibre optic cables onsite quickly in adverse weather conditions and into the night as was necessary on this job. To ensure your network is back up and running quickly our vans also carry materials needed to repair most cables so the repair can start as soon as we attend site.

Civil contractors cut around the cable to give our engineer access, a pedcap joint with a new link was fusion spliced onto existing cable, because of the high importance of this link our engineers worked into the night to ensure it was made operational. Once complete the cable was OTDR tested and results provided to Pulsant.

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Network Cabling Services – Langley Park School for Girls

Langley Park School for Girls

Langley Park School for Girls is a large school with over 1600 students and over 100 qualified teachers. They, in turn, are supported by a substantial number of learning support assistants, cover assistants, key workers and other associate staff. A large numbers of students, both girls and boys, join the Sixth Form.

Network Cabling Installation

Project Skills Solutions have been involved with a wide range of services as the School carry’s out modifications and improvements to various areas of the school over the period of 2010 and 2015. These services have included the installation of new data network cabling, Data cabinets, fibre optic cabling and CCTV cameras.

Additionally Project Skills Solutions have provided maintenance and repair services to their CCTV systems, Data Networks and electrical fixed wiring.

Fibre Optic Cable installation

Fibre optic cabling provides high speed data links between Local area networks allowing the school to use state of the art IT systems. Our services have been used to install fibre optic cabling through the building requiring the correct cable to be specified and installed, fusion spliced and OTDR tested. These cables are terminated into patch panels and presented for patching into switches and media converters by the IT man

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital – Fibre Optic Cable

Project Skills Solutions provide a range of cabling services, including fibre optic cable repair, installation and termination.

Fibre Optic Cable Rodent Damage

The urgent call came in that an important communication link on site had failed and required urgent repair. Our fibre optic engineers attended site and set about fault finding the fibre optic cable using an OTDR it was possible to work out the exact distance from the test point to where the fibre optic cable had failed. Once this distance was walked the fiber optic cable was exposed and the problem was immediately evident as rodent damage as the cable had been eaten through.

To repair the fault two new 16 core 0m2 fibre optic cables were installed externally and fusion spliced into new pigtails, out in the field two new Tyco Foscc ped caps were installed and heat shrunk down allowing the replacement fibre optic cable to be weatherproof jointed into the existing network cabling.

Project Skills Solutions can install and splice fibre cable in almost any weather conditions thanks to our pop up tents creating a suitable environment to carryout the precision fusion splicing equipment.

Tried and Tested

Once installed and spliced, all cables were labelled and tested with the latest OTDR equipment and when found to be working 100% the client brought the communications back on line over the new fibre optic cable. Project Skills Solutions would always specify a CST (Steel Taped armoured cable) when the fibre optic cable runs in an external environment in ducts etc. This prevents rodents from damaging external cables and does not present a significant price increase over standard cables.

Pigtails: A fibre pigtail is an optical fibre that has an optical connector pre-installed on one end and exposed on the other.

OTDR: Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer is used to test fibre optic cable, it can be used to estimate the overall attenuation, including splice and mated-connector losses.

CST: A steel taped armoured cable is designed for cable runs that are at risk of damage from the weather or more commonly rodents.

Jackson Lifts – Fibre Optic Network

Fibre Optic Network Installation

Project Skills Solutions were engaged to work with a major lift company to install a fibre optic cabling network throughout a major city bank based in London.

The fibre optic network solution had to be designed to run throughout the building to provided visual location status back to a central location for 25 lifts installed in the site. After carrying out a complete site survey we were able to work out routes through out the building for the cable runs between the central control room and each lift motor rooms. The design used OM3 CST fibre cabling to run above existing ceilings and additionally installed trunking to contain the cables where none existed.

At each end of the cables a wall mounted cabinet was installed to house the patch panels, media converters and switches allowing the main contractor to patch through to their monitoring transmission and receiver equipment. The works were required to be phased to meet the lift installation works so our teams of fibre cable pullers and engineers were scheduled to meet the projects timelines. All works were permit controlled by the main client and our team had to have additional security checks carried out before works could commence. Our project support team worked with the end clients security clearance personnel to provide all the necessary evidence to achieve this in the tight project timescales.

Fibre Optic Installation

The installation of fibre cabling requires care and planning as it has to be flaked out to allow the cabling to be pulled without kinking causing micro bends. With over 4 Km to be pulled in a live site this was a task that we carried out successfully and without major disruption to the clients workforce. Once the cabling had been installed the cabinets were installed and the fibre cables dressed and fusion spliced into patch panels. On completion with each fibre link spliced through then the engineers carried out a full OTDR test to ensure the cables works at all wavelengths and produce test results for the handover pack.

The project successfully phased we met all deadlines set by our client efficiently, and the fibre optic cabling project was a success.


Project Skills Solutions were pleased to have been awarded the major project to refit all electrical services and lighting for everything5pounds.com’s new warehouse in Essex. The client required extremely tight timelines over the Christmas period, our Project Managers and Engineers worked hard to meet this deadline which we achieved and our client was pleased with the project.

Project Outline

The client was taking over occupation of a 160,000 sq-ft warehouse building that had laid empty for well over a decade.Initially this project was surveyed in January 2013 with the client which found over 85% of the existing light and electrical circuits to be non working and in need of complete refit. It took 11 months to get the green light but we had to get the initial team on site within 5 days. The project began with a full lighting design and cost evaluation comparing conventional and LED lighting options, long term running costs of the facility played a big part in the clients decision to go for LED lighting (100 watt LED Cob bulbs). Even with the higher initial purchase price the energy efficient lighting will save our client money in the long run. The products selected weren’t off the shelf so the suppliers had to step up to the challenge and get them manufactured so as not to stall our works.

Electrical Lighting

Our design required the rewire of the complete warehouse lighting circuits requiring over 25,000 mtrs of 2.5mm lsf singles to be installed into the existing galvanised trunking throughout the warehouse. The warehouse had three sections which required 450 LED lights to be installed and 200 emergency lights the lights were cabled into sections. As the areas had varying levels of occupation lighting circuits were wired with PIR detectors to turn on/off lighting automatically providing further cost savings.The electrical distribution boards were obsolete so these were also replaced with new boards at new locations to best suit the new power requirements. This required new SWA cables to be run in between the building main incoming power and the 4 new panel boards and 10 new distribution boards. The onsite team required to carry out the works was formed with 6 electricians and two electrical improver/mates all were required to have IPAF qualifications as the lighting installation was at over 6 mtrs height requiring all works to be carried out using sizzor lifts.The onsite works were supported with the office project support team and the installation manager. On completion our electrical engineers carried out electrical testing and certification to be included in the handover documentation.

Deadline Met

Our client faced a major operational site move and it was critical that we met their deadline, we met the first deadline with a few days to spare but this wasn’t the end of the project. Once we had finished the loading bay, we had to complete 50% of the goods inwards area to get our client operational.

  • LED Lighting
  • Sensors
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Distribution Boards

Multi Service Project

After meeting our clients deadlines and exceeding their expectations we were awarding fibre optic backbone, data network, CCTV and WiFi cabling projects, with tight deadlines as before.

One Company Solution

Project Skills Solutions are at their best when presented with these project challenges with the necessary skills and manpower we can get the job done. Clients can source the entire range of Electrical, Data and Mechanical skills from us reducing procurement and the headache of multi company project organisation. It reduces overall costs and we can manage the entire project providing the client with a level of confidence only communicating with one company.

Multi Site Installation

Our client run and operate bus routes in London carrying over 720,000 passengers a day with a fleet of 1682 buses including over 100 hybrid buses that have the highest environmental credentials available.

The Installation Project

Project Skills Solutions were engaged to provide a range of services to our client after their acquisition of several new bus terminals.

The new premises required IT networks, electrical system and Air Conditioning system upgrades plus modification to allow integration of these systems and bring upto the required operational standards.

The Solution

All sites had to be surveyed and a proposal to meet the multiple service requirements with costs for the client to approve prior to commencement.

These works had to be carried out in live working environments so our engineers had to provide these services without disruption to the busy working environments. Works involved the expansion of local area IT networks for the transfer of system data throughout the buildings and also provide live route data to their travelling clients. This required our cabling engineers to install new cat5e cabling and containment to provide a route between the outlet positions and the patching racks. Some installations required new patching racks due to insufficient capacity in the existing racks.

Additionally new air-conditioning systems have been installed in key locations for climate control of equipment and occupants. This involved new internal units and pipework connections through the buildings to the external condensor units.

Works had to be carried out to tight timelines to allow the smooth transition of their operations in the new Bus terminals around North and West London.

All works were fully tested and certified and will be supported with ongoing maintenance agreements.

Nigel Franks

Recently Project Skills Solutions were asked to install new data and power cabling, and containment at Nigel Frank International, a leader in Microsoft recruitment.

Data and Power Cabling

Due to a growing workforce, our client required more data and power cabling and points to the existing Data infrastructure and Electrical Distribution. Our Engineer carried out a full survey with the client to fully understand the required moves and changes and workout the best method to carry out the works with minimal disruption to the clients workplace.

We installed new floor boxes into existing false flooring, new power ring mains were installed along with new cat5e data cables the new floor boxes were cut into the false floor and the Amtico laminate floor was re cut and glued in place.

On completion all floor boxes were labelled and all data and power cabling was tested and certificated.

Range of Electrical & Data Services

Project Skills Solutions provide a range of Electrical, HVAC, Data cabling and CCTV services ideal to meet your planned and reactive works. If you have a project that requires the cabling for either power or data to be moved, added changed or upgraded then we can advise of the best solution. Our Electrical and data engineers are fully uniformed and equipped to carryout the works in the most professional manner.

Guidance Technologies

Guidance Technologies supplies IT services within London and the South East to varied sectors, primarily Financial and Education.

The Project

Project Skills Solutions were required to attend site and terminate and test cat5e cabling, from our original site survey our engineers noted that the existing cables (installed by a separate cabling contractor), have either not been labelled or have been poorly labelled.

The Solution

Our engineers were required to tone cables, identify each cable and label correctly. With 29 rooms there were over 170 cat5e cables to label.

The existing cables installed by a separate contractor were too short, and could not reach the server room. Project Skills Solutions installed a patch panel at a point the existing cables could reach, labelled the cables and installed more cat5e to take the existing cables down to the main server room. Engineers then installed a server rack and patch panel to complete the network.


Upon completion all cabling was tested with a fluke dtx-1200, and full test results provided to the client.

Guidance Technologies

Crusely Trailers Engineering

Project Skills Solutions completed over a year long project at Crusely Trailer Engineering in January 2015. Crusely Trailers were moving to a new site and were building a purpose built yard to meet their exact requirements. The client wanted to use one contractor for all of the electrical services and mechanical works, so came to Project Skills Solutions.

As this was a complete new build we installed all of the mechanical, electrical wiring and plant. Our engineers installed the;

We installed the lighting throughout the warehouse, offices and all the external lighting across the site. In the warehouse the lighting which we installed was low energy high bay light fittings. We installed low energy T5 non corrosive fittings throughout the store rooms and low energy T5 grid lighting throughout the office. We installed full emergency lighting throughout the building. We installed low energy lighting throughout as this is the most cost effective way for the client to light the building.

We installed nine CCTV cameras across the site, in the office building (hallways), warehouse and externally. The cameras have been set up for remote monitoring so that the live feed can be accessed anywhere on a smart phone or tablet as long as they have an internet connection. Entry and exit barriers were fitted so that lorries have to gain access and can’t just drive on site. There is a call point on the entry gate so that drivers can call the office and then the office staff know exactly who is coming onto the site. All staff have proximity cards so they can easily gain access and don’t need to call the office to be let on site. A fibre optic cable had to be installed because the front camera is more than 90 metres from the server room which exceeds the distance for copper cabling.

The client had specialist requirements for the power distribution for the lorry bays. Crusely needed each lorry bay to have its own distribution panel with outlets so if one bay lost power it would not affect any other bays. Panels were manufactured specific to the clients needs. We installed a 250 amp buzz bar for power distribution for the 12 lorry bays and the front machine workshop.

Air conditioning was installed through the offices, canteen and meetings rooms. There was a mixture of ceiling and wall mounted cassettes, multiple units split across three systems. A fire alarm system was also fully installed by PSS. We installed manual call points through the workshop, then smoke and heat detectors throughout the offices.

This project from the initial quote through to completion was over a year and in excess of £220,000.

If you are moving your business and want us to quote for the re modelling or complete new build get in touch with our installs team today.